Clinical Supervisors


The Executive Leadership Program Clinical Supervisors will oversee the clinical practicum for assigned ELP cohort members . Each ELP participant will be matched  with an experienced ELP Mentor Superintendent and participants are then required to engage in 110 hours of specifically identified district leadership experiences most often in the mentor superintendent’s district. The 2 semester ELP Internship culminates with a Capstone Project completed during the spring semester in the cohort member’s district in cooperation with the superintendent. The ELP Clinical Supervisor serves as a liaison between the ELP participant and mentor superintendent to ensure that program requirements are being met and that the practicum operates successfully. The ELP Clinical Supervisor will hold on-site triad meetings with the ELP intern and mentor at least once each semester.


Dr. Robert Villanova, Department of Educational Leadership

Dr. Stephen Adamowski, CSDE and Department of Educational Leadership

Dr. Richard Kisiel, Department of Educational Leadership

Dr. Diane Ullman, Department of Educational Leadership

Dr. Jennie Weiner, Department of Educational Leadership

(Dr. Lee Hay serves as the CAPSS Mentor Coordinator and works with ELP faculty to prepare and support the ELP Mentor Superintendents.)