How to Apply


To be considered for admission to the Executive Leadership Program, the applicant must submit the materials listed below by April 15th.

Required materials include:

  • A completed Executive Leadership Program application, this will open your admissions file.
  • These additional required application materials must be on file on or before April 15:
    • College and graduate school transcripts**
    • A Personal Leadership Statement (typed, 275-350 words max.) that reflects your professional leadership aspirations  and a leadership pathway that aligns with the challenges of a district leadership position.
    • Two written recommendations that attest to your educational leadership experiences and the  potential for your successful performance as a district leader prepared to create the conditions for effective teaching, learning and leading at the district level.

**During the application process, an applicant is asked to provide unofficial transcripts for any coursework or institutions previously attended.  If the applicant has his/her own copy of the transcript, it can be scanned and uploaded into the applicant system while an official copy is mailed.

Please email questions to Kimberly Shirshac (


Application period March 1st – April 15th

Interviews scheduled: April 15th – May 15th

Acceptance letters sent on or before: May 31st

2018-2019 Program Timeline


Given the complex and critical nature of district leadership-particularly in the position of superintendent, the Executive Leadership Program intends to admit educational leaders who have both demonstrated strong and effective educational leadership to date and leaders with the strong potential to lead a school district. (See the LEAD CT Superintendent Competency Framework for a summary of district leadership understandings and skills tied directly to State and national district leadership standards that are the learning objectives for the Executive Leadership Program.)

Each candidate for admission to the Executive Leadership Program will participate in a 30-45 minute interview to both review the information provided by the candidate in the application and to provide each candidate the opportunity to elaborate upon his/her qualifications for acceptance into the Program. All candidates will be notified of the acceptance decision.

1. Criteria for acceptance include: a Master’s degree and a minimum of 15 appropriately related graduate credits beyond Master’s, an established record of successful educational leadership experience, demonstrated ability to sustain positive professional relationships, demonstrated capacity to lead an organization, demonstrated ability lead an educational organization that has improved student performance over time, professional references that address the potential for effective district level leadership, and a strong academic record.

2. The Executive Leadership Program is specifically designed to prepare district leaders who have served successfully as the “lead” administrator for four (4) or more years in a position that requires the Connecticut Intermediate Administrator Certificate (092), such as a principal or central office leader.

3. A candidate’s application file must be complete prior to the interview. Application materials and interview responses will be reviewed and rated using the following criteria:

  • Transcripts reflect academic aptitude for advanced graduate work
  • Personal Statement reflects professional aspirations in line with ELP goals and a leadership pathway that aligns with the challenges of a district leadership position
  • Two written recommendations attest to the candidate’s potential for successful performance as a district leader prepared to create the conditions for effective teaching, learning and leading at the district level

4. Interview Focus: In order to attract and accept candidates most likely to build upon a strong record of achievement-oriented educational leadership with an experienced-based focus on the twin and complimentary goals of creating the conditions for high student achievement at scale and  a demonstrated  understanding of and commitment to critical educational equity issues, interview questions and scenarios for analysis will focus on these specific areas.

Each candidate must bring to the interview session one or more artifacts that provide evidence of how his or her leadership work has had a positive impact on important educational results or outcomes. Please make every effort to bring materials or reports for which you are the primary author or responsible agent.

School or district improvement plans are one example of an acceptable artifact and if you decide to share one of these, please be certain that you include some type of data portrayal that reflects the impact of the improvement plan on results you believe are important and/or significant..

Candidates will be asked to talk through their leadership in relation to the artifact shared at the interview.