Partner Organization

ELPThe Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) has served as the key partner for the Executive Leadership Program since its inception in 2001.

The Executive Director and many members of the CAPSS Board of Directors over the years have helped in both program design and the identification of essential district leadership learning expectations and outcomes. More than thirty (30) current and past CAPSS superintendents have served as class presenters and panel members in various Executive Leadership Program class sessions.

Most importantly, from the outset CAPSS helped recruit and prepare superintendents from across the State to serve as ELP Superintendent Mentors. CAPSS mentor superintendents play a critical role in working with ELP participants in the full year ELP internship.  More than 100 CAPSS superintendents have served as ELP Mentor Superintendents since the start of this program.

Each year, the Executive Director Fran Rabinowitz welcomes the new ELP Cohort and describes the opportunities and challenges that the aspiring superintendents must be prepared to face ,as well as describing the programs, services and support.  CAPSS also allows the Executive Leadership Program to hold various classes and programs in the CAPSS Board Room at the CAPSS Office at 26 Caya Avenue which is a central location from most CT districts.